Projects: 2008 and later

Previous projects

  • Fingerprint identification with Blackfin: this article explains the basics of biometrics, and shows how to create an fingerprint identification system with the Blackfin processor and Atmel's FingerChip sensor. By Jayanti Addepalli and Aseem Vasudev, ADI DSP DesignLine (08/03/08, 12:00:00 PM EDT)

  • Pierson Capital Technology

  • (2008 Jan) Pierson Capital Technology unveils the MobiKey System, a result of successful synergy of its biometric dynamic pin genarator with an end-to-end processing software and years of research and development. The System provides a state of the art, fully integrated, 3-Factor Authentication platform with no changes required in the banking industry infrastructure itself.
  • Tychi

  • (2008 Mar) Tychi systems' BioFire.
  • Presto

  • (2008 Jun) Presto's Car starting system remote control.
  • SynoChip: module

  • (2008 Mar) Module using the PS1802 SynoChip processor
  • Unitech: PA968

  • (2008 Jun) Unitech Cindy3 PDA (prototype)
  • (2008 Nov) the PA968 is released.
  • Unitech PA968 Mobile Computer - Promo Clip (click to see a larger picture)
  • Unitech PA968 review
  • Rise

  • (2008 Jun): Rise Computer unveils at Computex the RS-5622 all in one LCD Panel PC/TV with a FingerChip fingerprint sensor.

  • Fenwick-Linde

  • (2009 Nov) Fenwick-Linde integrates an ID3 fingerprint reader in their lift truck.
  • Tychi Systems

  • (2009 Dec) Tychi Systems announces the BKK series.
  • Tychi BKK safe flyer
  • Promo video: fingerprint activated.
  • Promo video: fingerprint + key activated.


  • (2010 Jan) Armatix unveils the SmartSystem using an AT77C104 sensor.

  • Have also a look at the WatchPad! This is the first watch with a fingerprint sensor as a real product, to my best knowledge.

    Armatix flyer.


  • (2010 Aug) Die neue Fingerprint-Produktlinie Biokey Gate New Line des Berliner Unternehmens Idencom Germany GmbH wurde vom Berliner Wirtschaftssenat für den Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2011 nominiert.
  • (2011) KESO Biokey, product from Assa Abloy
  • (2017) Wittkopp FinKey SL, FS
  • (2018) Schaefer FPS 70 fingerprint sensor

  • Idencom

  • (2010 Sep) Das SMART Bio Lock, ist die neuste Zutrittskontrolllösung basierend auf Fingerprint - Technologie von SMART Technologies ID GmbH. (pressebox)

  • Ethimedix

  • (2011) Ethimedix unveils its "Series zero prototype" of the BTD3 with an AT77C104 (flyer / local copy).
    BTD3 is a controlled drug delivery device suitable for medicine in a drinkable form. It allows for safe and monitored use of strictly regulated or difficult to adhere drugs in both a homecare and ambulatory setting. The device aims to improve patient and legal compliance and prevent abuse, misuse and diversion while respecting prescription adherence.
  • (2011 Nov) SmartBottle CTI 8610 project at the EPFL/ESPLAB
  • (2011 Dec) Biometric Tamperproof Drinkable Drug Dispenser (BTD3) in the January/February 2012 issue of Drug Development & Delivery.
  • Images from (may 2013)

  • Videx / Door Entry Direct

  • (2014) Videx general catalog 2014/2015 (page 75).
    Videx - 4000 Series Finger Print Reader For 950 Users / Videx Model: V-4821C .

  • Datafox / TopM Software GmbH

  • (2017 Sep) TopM Software GmbH EVO-Line 2.8
    Datafox EVO-Line 2.8
    Biometrie option
    likely an Idencom device inside. The Datafox IPC EVO 7.0 Webterminal has the same option.
  • Datafox PZE-MasterIV with a fingerprint option.