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Simons Voss: Transponder

  • The Q3007 was a Simons Voss transponder, containing an Ikendi module.
  • Simon Voss transponder flyer
  • SimonsVoss transponder SimonsVoss transponder


  • The LEGIC biometric access from Kaba uses an Idencom module.
  • Kaba


  • FingerPrintScan System FPS-S from CM-PAPP security GmbH
  • Atmel: AMR9 / SM01

  • The AT77SM0101BCB02VKE was stand-alone module ARM9-based AT91RM9200 microprocessor from Atmel
  • FingerChip + Atmel ARM9

    Suprema: SFM3010-FC

  • Suprema introduced the stand-alone module SFM3010-FC, also known under BioMetrX SFM-3510.
  • Suprema SFM3010-FC Suprema SFM3010-FC Suprema SFM3015-FC

    Idencom: BioKey

  • Idencom releases a new version of the stand-alone module Biokey 3000 Hardware dev. kit
  • Idencom Biokey 3000 Idencom Biokey 3000 dev. kit

    Texas Instrument:

  • Texas Instrument introduces a stand-alone module using the FingerChip together with a TI's DSP, the TMDSFDCATM31

    SSS Siedle

  • SSS Siedle Siedle-Fingerprint access control uses an Idencom module.
  • Siedle-Fingerprint Siedle-Fingerprint

    MBB Gelma

  • MBB Gelma (now Dorma) Fingerprintsensor access control (Idencom Biokey)

    Serie 6 flyer
  • Conlan

  • The Conlan access control uses an Idencom module.
  • Zefyr: Yubee

  • Zefyr announces the Yubee, a USB fingerprint reader
  • Zefyr Yubee flyer

  • More information and links in the peripherals page.

    Moeller M22-ESA

  • Moeller M22-ESA access control
  • Moeller ESA M22 flyer
  • Beijing IDWorld

  • Beijing IDWorld offers a USB reader / slipping reader
  • Also an identification module / slipping sensor
  • IDWorld USB reader IDWorld module IDWorld reader (design)


  • Secure-com USB key
  • 128 16

    Digital Communication Lab

  • DCL has made a reader prototype for their studies related to biometrics.
  • HP: iPAQ hx2750 / hx2755 / hx2790 Pocket PC

  • (2004 Nov) HP released the iPAQ hx2700 family featuring the Atmel FingerChip AT77C104B in the hx2750/hx2755 associated to the Cogent bioengine and Credant software.

  • See the PDA page for more information and photos.

    HP iPAQ hx2750

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