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Atmel: AMR7

The FingerChip has been connected to the AT91EB40 evaluation board for the ATMEL licensed ARM7TDMI microprocessor core AT91R40807.

FingerChip + Atmel ARM7

Citizen & IBM: the Watchpad

(October 2001) Citizen and IBM created a proof of concept, the WatchPad, a watch containing:
- Cirrus ARM EP7312 processor, running Linux
- 16 MB of Flash, 8MB of RAM
- a 320x240 monochrome reflective LCD display
- a touch sensitive screen
- jog dial, three buttons
- Bluetooth wireless communication hardware
- a two axis accelerometer
- a vibration device
- a speaker, a microphone
- infrared module
- and the FingerChip (!)

  • See the special WatchPad page for more information and images.
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    IdentAlink / ABS: UFIS110

    The UFIS110 was a USB fingerprint scanner made by Identalink, that became ABS (Applied Biometric Systems), bundled with their bioengine.

  • ABS UFIS110
  • Identalink UFIS110 USB reader
  • ABS UFIS111
  • Barrytron International UFIS111
  • Ikendi: IKDEMKIT 1

    The Ikdemkit 1 is an ARM7 based stand-alone unit made by Ikendi.

  • Ikendi Ikdemkit 1
  • JS Digitech: JSF-1000

    The JSF-1000 proposed by JS Digitech is a USB fingerprint sensor plus a smart card reader.

  • JS Digitech JSF-1000
  • JS Digitech JSF-1000

    Bergdata / CDVI: BDB100, Biogate tower 1, DigitID III / DGID

    Bergdata BDB100 Bergdata DigitID III

    Bergdata, a subsidiary of CDVI, made:

  • Bergdata BDB100 is a USD fingerprint reader
  • Bergdata DigiID III / DGID-300 was a fingerprint reader for access control, to be inserted in a wall.
  • Bergdata Biogate tower 1 was an access control device with a fingerprint reader and a screen, to be used in the main entrance for instance.
  • Bergdata Biogate tower 1

    ID3 semiconductors: Certis, Biothentic

    The Certis is a USB fingerprint reader made by ID3 semiconductors, design from GMP Design.

  • ID3 Certis
  • Orcanthus Certis flyer
  • Transmetix IdentiClock flyer
  • Transmetix IdentiPod flyer
  • More information and links in the peripherals page.


    The Biothentic is a full stand-alone authentication system, with a fingerprint reader and a smart card reader, made by ID3 semiconductors, design from GMP Design, using smart cards from Orberthurcs, which performs the matching for security reasons. It is also promoted by Orcanthus.

  • ID3 Biothentic
  • Oberthur ID-one Biothentic flyer
  • More information and links in the peripherals page.



    Intel: StrongARM

    The FingerChip was connected to the development board of the Intel's StrongARM. It was working under Windows CE as well as Linux.

    StrongARM development board from Intel

    Idencom: BioKey

  • Biokey 2002 Hardware dev. kitis a stand-alone module from Idencom.
  • Idencom BioKey

    Technoimagia: FP-stick

  • The FP-stick was a USB fingerprint scanner made by TechnoImagia, also referenced by : Mitsumi and Focus system.
  • Technoimagia fp-stick flyer english / japanese
  • Technoimagia fp-lock fp finguard flyer (japanese)
  • (April 2004) Focus system C4 flyer.
  • More information in the peripherals page.

    ABS: IFIS130

  • ABS Applied Biometric Systems developped the Intelligent Fingerprint Image System - IFIS130 development board, based on the Hyperstone microprocessor.
  • DDS: UB-safe

  • The UB-safe is a USB fingerprint reader from DDS (Japan). Also proposed by Hitachi-Cable.
  • More information and links in the peripherals page.

    UB-safe UB-safe

    Suprema: SFM1000-FC, SFM2000-FC

    The UniFinger family from Suprema has two stand-alone module, the SFM1000-FC, StrongARM based, and the SFM2000-FC, the ARM7 based.

  • Suprema SFM1000-FC
  • Suprema SFM2000-FC
  • FingerSec FS-2000FC
  • SFM1000-FC SFM2000-FC

    Ident Technologies: FIS

  • The FIS was an access control device proposed by Ident Technologies & Doepke.
  • Doepke Fingerprint Identification System flyer

    See the access control pages for more information on applications.

    Click to enlarge

    SecuIT: SecuCard

  • (April 2002) SecuIT fingerprint & smart card reader SecuCard. Also proposed by KISA
  • Astro Datensystem: ACS SecLock

  • Astro proposed the ACS SecLock for access control.
  • HP: iPAQ h5450 / h5550 Pocket PC

  • (2002 Nov) HP released the iPAQ h5450, featuring the FingerChip associated to the Cogent bioengine. This was the very first PDA with a built-in fingerprint sensor.
  • (2003) HP released the h5550: the processor was upgraded as well as RAM.

  • See the iPAQ page for more information and photos.

    Elsafe: Infinity biometrics

  • (2002 Apr) Elsafe (Assa Abloy) announces the first biometric safe Infinity Biometrics.
  • (November 11, 2003) Elsafe installs biometric safes at presidential suite of Waldorf towers.
  • Elsafe Infinity flyer

  • See also the safe page for more information and images.


    Sharp: Mebius Muramasa PC-TN1-H1W Tablet PC

    The Tablet PC Sharp Mebius Muramasa contains the FingerChip AT77C101 on the edge of the rotating screen.

    See also the notebook page for more information and images.


  • Fingerprint Lock Module was a stand-alone module made by Bionopoly.
  • Bionopoly

    Ekey: TOCAbit

  • TOCAbit was a USB fingerprint reader made by Ekey
  • Ritto Acero fingerprint
  • ProfiTür
  • AFS aus Vaduz

  • See also the access control page for more information.

    Ekey TOCAbit

    Bromba GmbH

    Bromba GmbH tried two prototypes to evaluate ergonomics.

  • Bromba prototyping, swipe sensor devices

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