Projects: the Early Years

The first projects made with the first versions of the FingerChip -you will also find the simple demonstration units described in the product pages-.

The first public appearance of the FingerChip was at the CTST '97 in Miami. Following our success at this conference, end of 1997 marked the beginning of third-party projects.

I'm afraid that most of the links are not working anymore, that's too old.


CardTech/SecurTech May '98 in Washington, D.C.

FCDEMO3 was demonstrated at the CTST '98 in Washington, DC. Three working authentication software packages were presented: Cogent Systems, AST and The Phoenix Group, as well as the following demonstrations:

  • HP OB3000 laptop with integrated FingerChip + logon from Cogent. This was the very first laptop prototype with a built-in fingerprint reader.
  • A Point Of Sale (POS) Ascom Twin 10 with integrated FingerChip. Demo was able to enroll someone on a smart card, and perform recognition using the AST software. Also presented at Cartes '98 on the Oberthur Oscard booth.
  • Motorola ColdFire

  • The FingerChip was connected to the ColdFire (Motorola), essentially to overcome the PC's parallel port interface speed problem and also to show how easy it is to connect the sensor to a microprocessor.
  • It was also the very first demonstration of reconstruction on the fly.
  • Labcal (Canada)

  • Labcal (Canada): smart card reader + fingerprint reader
  • Labcal prototype


  • Mouse prototype for Cezam
  • Mouse prototype

    France Telecom

  • French Publiphone
  • French Publiphone demonstration


  • Bergdata (Germany, produced by Topsys) PCI & ISA interfaces
  • Topsys PCI interface Topsys ISA interface

    Lund university (Sweden)/ Paymate

    The Paymate was a very small portable device with Bluetooth for wireless communication, on-board fingerprint recognition and smart card reader in order to perform payment transactions.

    The FingerChip was also used as a pointing device for navigation.

    Lund university: Paymate

    CardTech/SecurTech December '98 in San José.

  • Hopkins Imaging (USA): ISA & PC104 interface (became Salt Lake Digital Imaging later)

  • 1999

    GEZ Microsystems (Canada)

    GEZMICRO-6T was a tiny stand-alone module able to enroll and verify, using the Motorola DSP56309 digital signal processor to recognize the slices "on the fly". (was : no more website).

    GEZ 6T module
    GEZ 6T module


    FCSWEEP01 -the Sweepee- was the first USB demonstration unit. It was designed by SCM.

    FCSWEEP01 Sweepee


    Bergdata (Germany) released Biogate, a PCI/ISA fingerprint reader with associated logon software.

    Bergdata Biogate

    Bergdata also released:

  • a keyboard prototype made by Cherry
  • a stand-alone module using an Hyperstone processor
  • Bergdata Cherry keyboard Bergdata embedded system (Hyperstone)

    Alien projets

  • Alien projets showed a stand-alone fingerprint reader.
  • Alien projets


  • Cezam (France) released a mouse prototype followed by the product version.
  • Cezam mouse prototype mk2


  • Chicony (Taiwan) made a keyboard prototype.
  • CASC

  • CASC (Taiwan) made a parallel port interface.
  • CASC parallel port interface

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