Prototypes & Products: AT77C104 / AT77C105

In 2003, the AT77C104 was a smaller version, designed using a new process (the same as the C102). The chip integrates a SPI interface, but also navigation features to enable to use the chip as a (very small) touchpad, useful for embedded application such as phone.

As the C104 was a full 3.3 volt chip, the same chip but with 1.8 volt reduced voltage I/Os was designed end of 2004, and released beginning of 2005: the AT77C105.

The AT77C104 contained a 8x232 pixels array, a specific mode for navigation and click detection, and a SPI interface. The first package was a COB (CB01).

It was possible to solder a flex on the COB, depending on the customer request.

Some holders were also available for users wanting to use zebra connection.

A smaller version of the COB (CB09) was later introduced, to reduce the footprint. A version with a connector on the backside was also available.

But a big step in packaging was introduced with the molded version.

The AT77C105 was the same as the C104, but with extended I/O voltage range (1.8v-3.3V).