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HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5450

In November 2002, HP released the iPAQ h5450, featuring the FingerChip AT77C101. This was the very first PDA with a built-in fingerprint sensor.

There were many reviews about this product on the Web... Here are two papers about it:

Cogent software logon


The Cogent bioengine performed the fingerprint recognition.

Some other software have used the FingerChip like Utimaco SafeGuard.

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HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5550

In 2003, HP released the h5550: similar to the h5450, the processor was upgraded as well as the RAM.

The iPAQ H5550 was also the base of the Tactical Communication D-DACT device, but the fingerprint sensor seems not having been used.

Atmel content: wireless LAN & FingerChip

HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx2750 / hx2755

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HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx2790


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