Concept: the WatchPad

Citizen & IBM: the Watchpad

In October 2001, Citizen and IBM created a proof of concept, the WatchPad, a watch containing:

  • the Cirrus ARM EP7312 processor, running Linux
  • 16 MB of Flash, 8MB of RAM
  • a 320x240 monochrome reflective LCD display
  • a touch sensitive screen
  • jog dial, three buttons
  • Bluetooth wireless communication hardware
  • a two axis accelerometer
  • a vibration device
  • a speaker, a microphone
  • an infrared module
  • and the FingerChip AT77C101
  • ...!

    Several versions existed, see also the following links for more information:

  • IBM WatchPad 1.5
  • WatchPad (japanese)
  • Here are some images: click on image to get a high resolution version.

    A small movie showing the WatchPad 1.5: watchpad1.5.mpeg


  • (2010 Jan) Armatix unveils the SmartSystem using an AT77C104 sensor.
  • So it took 9 years from the concept to the first real product!